Two steps forward, and one step back. While Elementary continues to carve out its own path as a modernized version of Sherlock Holmes, every once in awhile it’s bound to slip. In “Lesser Evils,” the bumps are smaller than in previous episodes, but they’re still noticeable.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Lesser Evils”

Sherlock (Miller) and Joan (Liu) discover that a series of deaths at a local hospital are actually murders. The race is on to find the culprit before another victim is claimed. At the same time, Joan runs into an old friend (Rose) from her former profession, thus triggering buried feelings about her medical career.

The Good:

  • Watson’s Past: We all know that Joan was a doctor whose patient met an unfortunate end. After her suspension from medicine, she never returned to the field. In this episode she’s reacquainted with an old friend, who lures her back into the world. Their rocky relationship proves that Joan still has a passion for medicine. She just refuses to go back because she can’t forgive herself for a fatal mistake. Although the episode ended with her deleting pictures from her past, we imagine the good doctor will be return soon.
  • Sherlock, The Slight Screw-Up: It’s such a delight to see the additional quirks of Sherlock’s personality. Aside from being a rehabilitated smarty pants, he’s likely to make mistakes and can even apologize. Who knew Sherlock would willingly give in and say he’s sorry? It’s always funny to see a character like him give the “I’m sorry” speech, because it’s so out of the norm. Oh Sherlock, you’re so silly.

The So-So:

  • Our Mystery: Again, there isn’t too much about the murder mystery that’s hard to figure out. The only cool twist was that there were two people involved rather than one. That and we like David Harbour’s (End of Watch, The Newsroom) acting. Nice move bringing him on the show.
  • Two Endings: Don’t you hate it when you’re watching something, you think it’s wrapping up, only there’s 10 minutes of exposition left? That’s how it felt like during this episode. Once the Angel of Mercy murderer was apprehended, we knew there was a loose string left. They had to find his accomplice, but it took too long to wrap up. We don’t need the Scooby-Doo ending for each of the villains. We know they’re awful and why they did it. Stop holding our hand.

The Bad:

  • 90% Of Familiar Actors = Episode Villains: Come on, we thought we were past this point already. The point where the true murderer was easy to spot within the first 15 minutes to a half hour of the show. Whenever an actor looks familiar to you, more than likely they’re going to be our culprit in the case. We don’t want that! We want more mystery. The stories of Sherlock Holmes are the epitome of the mystery crime genre. Maybe that should be kept intact for this show.
  • Puke Green Flashback Scenes: Sorry but we thought they got rid of these unnecessary scenes? Darn it.


We weren’t particularly blown away by this episode. But at least it laid some groundwork for further development in Watson’s future. We’re intrigued, that’s for sure.

Rating: 6.5/10

What did you think of the latest episode of Elementary?