Well, chalk up another celebrity endorsement for Governor Mitt Romney and another blow against President Barack Obama.  Coming quick on the heels of Avengers director Joss Whedon’s endorsement of Mitt Romney’s probable zombie apocalypse, Mr. Burns (that’s right, of The Simpsons fame) has come out to hand a soul-blackened endorsement to Mitt “Meat” Romney.  Check it out below.

While, as The AV Club notes, the video is a little too ‘modern Simpsons’ to be laugh out loud funny (the primary gag concerning Mitt’s dog Seamus was an old one by last summer), but it does have a nice smattering of punches and jabs courtesy of Waylon Smithers.  The rest of clip features Monty Burns being, well, Monty Burns, and talking about how the presidency is Mitt Romney’s natural birthright.  There’s a least a chuckle or two:

So… you can probably safely bet that while Mr. Burns’ wizened hand will be punching next to the name “Romney” on the ballot come Election Day, the writers of the Simpsons seem to be less than impressed with the Massachusetts governor (although, if Seamus’ reaction can be seen as any kind of bellwether, they’re not exactly overjoyed with Obama, either).  Still, it’s nice to see The Simpsons be even remotely funny—it’s not something you see every day.  Maybe we can look for another laugh four years from now.

What do you think of the video?

Source:  The AV Club