At some point in an A-list actor’s life he/she has to face what could be one of the bigger points of their career, and that’s making a comic book adapted movie. Within the past fifteen years the landscape of these films in Hollywood has changed from barely giving them the time of day to becoming the epitome of summer tent pole films. Now Jamie Foxx is up to bat and within the next few days will decide whether or not he’ll be part of Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

What already makes the news of Jamie Foxx being part of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 even better if who he could play. Foxx is currently in the middle of negotiations to play none other than the villainous Electro. If you’re not familiar with the Spider-Man universe, Electro is a popular villain in his world who clearly has the power to conduct electricity through his own body. That makes it a little difficult for Spider-Man to get his hands on him every once in awhile.

But will Jamie Foxx take the role? All signs point to yes. There’s been rumors swirling about for awhile that we’ll get Electro in a future Spider-Man movie. What makes it worse is that Marc Webb and Jamie Foxx are teasing the fanboy public with the possibility of having him in the lead role, especially when Mr. Foxx went on Twitter saying that he tried on an Electro costume on Halloween night. If Foxx is going to be Electro, which is a perfect fit, we hope that they redesign the head piece. You know, cause it’d be a little silly seeing him wearing that huge yellow piece around his face.

Are you happy that the next villain will be Electro? Why or why not?

Source: Slashfilm