John Cusack is no stranger to Stephen King adaptations, having already starred in the King adaptation 1408.  Now, the actor is set to star  in an adaptation of Cell, King’s take on the zombie apocalypse genre.

According to Screen Daily, Cell will be financed by Cargo Entertainment, and will be produced by Richard Saperstein (ex-president of Dimension Films and an executive producer on 1408) via Genre Company, along with Shara Kay and Brian Witten.  The screenplay was co-written by The Last House on the Left writer Adam Alleca and Stephen King himself.

Saperstein has called Cell an “intelligent psychological thriller that delivers on both a visceral and emotional level.”

In the novel, Clayton Ridell is a comic book artist who just scored a hotshot contract to sell his newest project.  In the midst of this good news comes “The Pulse”—a mysterious pulse heard by everyone using their cell phones at that specific moment, and which turns those people into bloodthirsty zombies.  The remainder of the book follows Clay as he tries to make his way back to Maine (of course) to find his wife and son, and documents his team-up with fellow survivors, as well as telling the story of the mysterious “Raggedy Man” who leads the pulse zombies.  Pretty boilerplate King, but at least there’s no middle-aged novelist or psychic kid running around.

What do you think of the Cell news?

Source: Screen Daily