When they’re not busy ruining any chance of survival that Community possibly had left, NBC has made a good decision or two this year—mainly to take The Office, long past its prime and all but begging for death, back behind the woodshed for a bullet.  And that’s not all—the Dwight Schrute-based The Office spin-off known as The Farm?  You know, the one that absolutely no one was asking for?  Well, NBC has put the kibosh on that, too.

Yes, the Rainn Wilson-starring Office offshoot that would have taken place on office weirdo Dwight Schrute’s beet farm, cleverly-titled The Farm, has been forsaken by NBC, who apparently finally saw it as the unnecessary spin-off of a once-beloved series that long ago ran out of gas that it is.  Wilson himself revealed the news on Twitter, stating simply “NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show…Had a blast making the pilot—onwards & upwards!”

So, while NBC may be eternally reviled for ruining any gasp of a chance Community had left, we can at least offer them a small thanks for sparing us another few years of the “hey, isn’t this Dwight fellow a trifle odd?”-based humor that has helped sink The Office.

What do you think of The Farm news?

Source: The AV Club