Besides directing a few Community episodes, Justin Lin hasn’t really branched out of The Fast and the Furious franchise. He’s helmed the last three films, and is currently shooting the next sequel. Lin, who is signed up for a number of projects, including the next Terminator, has just agreed to produce, possibly direct a sci-fi comedy called Subdivision.

Subdivision is a sci-fi comedy spec from writers Morgan Jurgenson (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil) and Alex Ankeles, who successfully sold their other script Hyperdrive to Paramount. Subdivision is set up at Universal Pictures. Lin is producing through his Barnstorm Pictures banner, along with Elaine Chin.

Details on the film remain under wraps. All we have is the writers’ resume to look back to. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil was hilarious, creative and sweet. And Hyperdrive is described as a story of a tough cop who recruits a geeky sci-fi writer to help him catch a mysterious murder witness – a cross between The Fifth Element and 48 Hrs.

It might be a while before we get any solid details on Subdivision. Lin is currently signed up for various other projects including an adaptation of Magna Lone Wolf & Cub, former Spike Lee drama L.A. Riots and David Hwang’s stage play Chinglish.

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Source: Slashfilm, THR