There were a number of Community fans who were fearing the worst for what arguably could be the show’s final season. Ever since NBC yanked the cult show off of their original (and abysmal) time slot, we thought we may never see another new episode of the show again. After all, this is a network that gives more love to unimaginative shows like Whitney compared to possibly great shows like Mockingbird Lane, would they give Community one more chance? The answer is yes as they finally set their hearts on a premiere date. It’s a shame that we have to wait until February to catch a glimpse of it.

NBC has locked in Community to premiere on Thursday, February 7th at 8 PM, better known as October 19th in our hearts. It’ll be taking the time slot that was once occupied by 30 Rock but isn’t anymore. They’ll be sharing that hour block alongside Parks and Recreation, which makes us happy because both of those comedy shows sharing the same hour is fantastic.

Well at least a great show is scheduled to premiere, though not as soon as we’d like. Since it was already supposed to debut on October 19th, does that mean we might be seeing a couple of awkwardly misplaced holiday episodes? Maybe we’d see a Christmas one when we’re in March. Then again, if that were true the whole layout of the season colliding with specific holidays would have already been out of whack. Mind you, a lot of us originally thought that Community was going to air in September with the rest of the shows, which turned out not to be the case. Well we’re just thankful that it’ll be back on air again soon. Pop pop!

Do you think NBC is giving Community a chance, or do you think the network is done with the series?

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