While the American box office didn’t exactly set any records over the weekend—unless you count it as a new low (high?) in general audiences apathy towards forward-thinking flicks, seeing as how Cloud Atlas heavily crashed and burned—overseas, it was a different story.  In the European market, there was one name above all:  Bond, James Bond (ugh, forgive me for doing that, it will never happen again, I swear).  Yes, Skyfall reigned supreme outside of the U.S., and broke a record as well.

In the United Kingdom, James Bond’s 23rd outing managed to break the record for highest-ever film attendance on a Saturday in the UK, with Bond fans lining up in droves, thanks in part to the exceptional buzz surrounding the film (read our review here).

The film also managed to do $32.4 million in the UK over the weekend, giving it the second highest opening weekend in UK history, after some little film called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Elsewhere in European markets, the film tallied and overall box office take of $77 million—which, when coupled with the film’s guaranteed dominance of the American box office beginning on November 9th, ensures that Bond will be around for a very long time (not that we were worried, since the sequel is already being written).

Do you plan on seeing Skyfall?

Source: Total Film