It was obvious that Cloud Atlas was not going to be an easy sell. But with the names attached it was thought to be something of a sell. It turns out that the answer to that was nope. Also big news: Argo, in it’s third week of release, topped the box office. But it would be impressive if it had to fight off any competition This weekend was off, and none of the four new films made much of an impression.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Argo $12,355,000 (-24.9) $4,327 $60,780,000
2 Hotel Transylvania $9,500,000 (-26.9) $2,900 $130,434,000
3 Cloud Atlas $9,400,000 $4,681 $9,400,000
4 Paranormal Activity 4 $8,675,000 (-70.1) $2,542 $42,632,000
5 Taken 2 $8,000,000 (-39.7)
$2,671 $117,389,000
6 Silent Hill: Revelation $8,000,000 $2,728 $8,000,000
7 Here Comes the Boom $5,500,000 (-34.6) $2,208 $30,610,000
8 Sinister $5,070,000 (-42.5) $2,160 $39,515,000
9 Alex Cross $5,050,000 (-55.7) $1,987 $19,369,000
10 Fun Size $4,060,000 $1,347 $4,060,000

How bad were the numbers this weekend? The three-day was dominated by a three week old and five week old movies. Then again, both had amazing holds, both dipping near 25%, which is phenomenal. Argo is on track to get close to $100 Million if it keeps up this pace, though the next couple weeks offer healthy competition, which may shut it down. Hotel has a double whammy next weekend, not only is its main holiday over, Wreck-it Ralph comes out. Still, these are good runs for these pictures.

Cloud Atlas was weird, and audiences just didn’t bother. In some cases you can say an audience rejected a film, but with this level of turnout, audiences didn’t care and/or know enough to see it and hate it. In this case it was a no-sale early on. But if audiences didn’t care about Atlas, they rejected Paranormal Activity 4. And they didn’t give a crap about a new Silent Hill film. In some ways Sinister did better by not being crushed by two films in direct competition. But for the horror weekend, adults proved they’d rather go to parties.

Taken 2 didn’t look like it would get to or pass the original’s $145 Million take and it probably won’t, but it will be closer than it than the opening suggested. Alex Cross tumbled hard, so unless the film gets a lot of business internationally, the series is a one and done.

Fun Size was barely advertised and played on nearly 3,000 screens. The same could be said of Chasing Mavericks. They are two of the worst wide releases ever. Ever.

Reality Check: I was right that Argo would top the box office, and I called the PA4 number spot on, but I didn’t expect the new pictures to do this poorly. New is often the challenge.

What did you see this weekend?