Cloud Atlas hits theaters today, and even with Tom Hanks as one of the leads, it’s been a tricky sell and a divisive movie, which may explain why it’s at 60% on Rotten Tomatoes. But Tom Hanks believes in this project, and found a great way to sell it on The Colbert Report.

There ostensibly to help kids make Halloween costumes, it all leads to jokes, with one great punchline that shouldn’t be spoiled. Though there’s been some issues getting the word out about Cloud Atlas, and we may yet see the film bomb domestically, there’s no denying that Hanks hasn’t been out there doing his most to get people at least familiar with the film. From SNL to GMA (where he dropped the f-word accidentally), to sitting with us, to being on Stephen Colbert‘s show, Hanks has used his celebrity to get this on the radar.


And tonight we’ll find out if it worked/helped. But Hanks, by doing stuff like this, proves that he’s a movie star in the sense that he understands that promotion and self-depreciation are part of the game, and Hanks shows here that he’s engaging and likeable, even while he’s making fun of his own supposed narcissism.

Are you going to catch Cloud Atlas in theaters?