Arnold Schwarzenegger’s post-Gubernatorial life certainly has been… interesting.  After leaving office, the actor faced the very public reveal of his affair with a housekeeper, he lost his wife, he wrote a book, and has lately been throwing himself into every action film he can find, as if he wasn’t 65 years old, but a spry 30.  He’s already popped up in The Expendables parts 1 and 2, and he’ll be starring in the upcoming action flicks The Last Stand and The Tomb.  And now he is set to return to one of his most iconographic roles in The Legend of Conan.

That’s right, Schwarzenegger is stepping back into the old loincloth one more time for The Legend of Conan, which /Film has pegged as “Conan’s Unforgiven.”  Brace yourselves.

The film is set to be released by Universal by the summer of 2014, with producer Fredrik Malmberg stating:

“The original ended with Arnold on the throne as a seasoned warrior, and this is the take of the film we will make. It’s that Nordic Viking mythic guy who has played the role of king, warrior, soldier and mercenary, and who has bedded more women than anyone, nearing the last cycle of his life. He knows he’ll be going to Valhalla, and wants to go out with a good battle.”

So this sounds like it’s going to be more like Conan’s Rocky Balboa.  At least we can look forward to the fact that even if the film is terrible, it will likely be a good kind of terrible, and ridiculously goofy fun to watch.  Or just depressing.  Either way.

Elsewhere, the Schwarz is set to star in David Ayer’s (End of Watch) upcoming Ten, in which he plays a member of a hotshot DEA task force whose members are being assassinated one by one.   A new of pic of his character was just released, check it out:

What do you think of the Schwarzenegger news?

Source: /Film