Fans of goofy 1970s films about the future, your day just got a little darker—it turns out that Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn just lost his leading man in the upcoming remake of Logan’s RunRyan Gosling, star of Refn’s Drive as well as the director’s upcoming boxing film Only God Forgives, has dropped out of the project.

The news leaked late yesterday when Variety’s Justin Kroll took to Twitter to announce the news, according to /Film, simply stating that Gosling was “no longer attached” to the project.

The reasoning behind Gosling’s abandonment of the project has not been specified–/Film speculates variously that it could be anything from Gosling’s increasingly busy schedule to that fact that Warner Bros. may have wanted a larger star to justify the budget to the fact that Gosling may be hesitant to by the lynchpin in a major studio tentpole project.

Whatever Gosling’s reasons, his move leaves Refn in search of a leading man to anchor Logan’s Run around.  The role he left was that of Logan 5, a “sandman” in the year of 2274.  In the future, overpopulation is so rampant and dangerous that society has ordained that all people, once they reach the age of 30, must be put to death.  Those who try to escape that fate are called “runners,” who are chased and captured by “runners.”  Logan’s run concerns Logan 5 as he turns 30, and decides to become a “runner.”

And since Gosling’s out, and this is a fairly action-based tale, expect Channing Tatum to get the job in 3…2…1…

What do you think of the Gosling news?

Source: /Film