If you’re too not busy trying to wrap your mind around his newest film, the phantasmagoric Cloud Atlas, Tom Hanks would like to take a moment or two of you time, and perform some Beat-styled slam poetry—about the epically cheesy 1990s sitcom, Full House.   Indulge him, won’t you?

Yes, multiple Oscar-winner Tom Hanks—who, before he was seen as Mr. Master Thespian, was a sitcom star and comedic actor—appeared recently on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night in a black turtleneck to perform a Beat poem about Full House.  Or, as he calls is, a “house full of men.”

While his performance was ostensibly promoting Cloud Atlas, it more than anything else showcased Hanks’ sense of humor as took the basic plot of the Full House episode “Beach Boy Bingo” (come on, you know the one—DJ gets ticket for Uncle Jesse to see his favorite band ever, the Beach Boys) and recast it as “a feminist parable about growing up in a patriarchal society.”  Really.  Check it out:

There you have it.  Once again, the power of the internet is displayed—if we can get our greatest actors to recite such Full House catchphrases as “cut it out!” and “have mercy,” we can do anything.

What do you think of the clip?

Source: The AV Club