Yesterday, rumors kicked loose that Mark Wahlberg, who recently just completed filming Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain—a biopic about two “psychotic gym rats in Miami who get into kidnapping and murder”—would be the star of Bay’s newest insult to coherent cinema, Transformers 4.  Which would be something of a shock, as Wahlberg, while he may not be Laurence Olivier, seems to be above that kind of film (let’s just pretend like Max Payne and The Happening didn’t happen).

Well, don’t get too worried, Wahlberg fans—despite rumors and reports from Twitch that Wahlberg was currently in early talks to star in Transformers 4, instead of an “18 year old female” as was originally rumored—the actor will not be starring, or appearing at all in the horror of horrors that Transformers 4 will certainly be.

Rather, Bay released a statement on his own website, clarifying that “the Mark Wahlberg T4 rumor is just a rumor.  Mark and I are talking about another film project.”  So there you have it.  Although, it is worth noting, that Bay once said that rumors of him working on a Transformers 4 were false as well.

But for now, we’ll go back to assuming the original casting all for Transformers 4 was correct, as it involved an 18 year old female high school senior as the lead, with a man in his early 20s who is a Texas race car driver as her boyfriend.  Not that any of that matters, mind you, in a Transformers film—it’s all about a bunch of walking cars that punch each other.  You know that, right?

What do you think of the Wahlberg news?

Source: /Film