Happy Endings is back for season three, and is kicking things off with “Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires.” It’s the writer’s first attempt to build real plots for their zany characters. Up until now, the show’s uncertain status made it impossible to give them layers.  So how did their foray into new story arcs go?

The Players:

  • Director: Fred Gross
  • Writers: David Caspe, Matthew Libman& Daniel Libman
  • Cast: Eliza Coupe, Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally, Damon Wayans Jr., Casey Wilson, Brian Austin Green

Episode Title: “Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires”

Dave and Alex start dating again. Elsewhere, Max cares for Penny while she’s in a full body cast, that is until her handsome physical therapist comes along. Meanwhile, Brad keeps a huge secret from Jane.

The Good:

  • Alpha Male Jane: Since the show’s inception, Jane has been the alpha of the pack. She’s a fabulous control freak. Take note of when she exacted revenge on Brad with a very pixelated punishment. Since Brad’s really out of a job now, expect to see more of top dog Jane. Her scene stealing Miami Heat critique is something we should get used to; Jane wears the pants for everyone.
  • Spitting Game: For some reason Alex’s idea of picking up girls is talking like a guy from the early ‘90s. The charisma that rolled off as she said, “Yo, yo, yo,” was almost palpable. How can something so wrong feel so right? It’s probably because of Elisha Cuthbert’s stellar comedic timing.
  • Misery-ing: Leave it to Penny to bail on base jumping with Brian Austin Green only to fall down several flights of stairs. Meanwhile, we got to see more of Max and Penny’s great chemistry. While entertaining, their plot was just an excuse to play up Penny’s panache for physical comedy. The most interesting factoid we gleaned from their hijinks is that Penny still has a thing for Dave. Even with the prospect of a future lover and Dave and Alex’s rekindled romance, there’s no way that’s not going to resurface. Look forward to some extremely awkward shenanigans.

The So-So:

  • Tango and Cazsh: It doesn’t bode well when a couple’s best scenes are the ones where they have nothing to do with each other.  Dave churned out some good buzz words: Bro v. Wade, Bromaine Lettuce, Brovine browth hormone, and Franklin and Cazsh. And as usual, Alex shined as the group ditz. Elisha Cuthbert has a knack playing the role with heaps of charm.  But together, Dave and Alex fizzled. Their recharged romance is a chance for viewers to see how they operate as a couple.  But if this is what fans can expect, they might want to end it as fast as it restarted. 

The Quotable:

  • “I love a Penny pile on as much as the next slut.”
  • “Trust us, the last thing we want is for things to get complicated like in It’s Complicated, so we’re just going to go with it like in Just Go With It and be friends with benefits like in No Strings Attatched.”
  • “I have been coming so hard home from work just ’cause I’m excited to have dinner with you.”
  •  “I’ll tell you what doesn’t count; the Miami Heat’s most recent championship.  It was an injury plagued, strike shortened season, therefore Lebron needs six rings to even get in the conversation with Jordan.”
  • “The girl is so wacky her first name should be Knick Knack Patty. Aaaaawww snap!”
  • “No. Why are you using a Travel agent? The only travel agent you need is a time travel agent to take you back to a time when people still used travel agents.”
  • “Just let me slip into something more naked.”
  • “Ken, Max is Misery-ing me. He’s like Kathy Bates only fatter.”
  • “You know Wendy Williams said something on her show yesterday that really resonated with me. She said, ‘Girl, you cannot move backwards in a relationship.’”


Without a doubt, Happy Endings is still everything television’s been missing. It’s survived this long because of its small but passionate fan base. As long as they build on these stories and continue forming three dimensional characters, Happy Endings could double down on the awesome.

Rating: 7/10

Happy Endings airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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