New German Cinema godfather Warner Herzog is set to direct his first full-length non-documentary film since 2009’s twofer of My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans with an adaptation of DBC Pierre’s 2003 novel, Vernon God Little.  The story is darkly comic satire that revolves around a school shooting.

The Booker Prize-winning novel concerns Vernon Little, a teenager who is ruled (and arrested) as an accomplice in a murderous high school shooting, as his best friend was the shooter.  Vernon, however, had nothing to do with the shooting, but becomes the center of an angry firestorm nonetheless as society dumps their fear and anger over the situation onto his shoulders in what becomes a pitch-black satire of the American media and its reaction to violence.  And when you add Werner Herzog’s unflinching directorial style to combustible storyline, well, let’s just say this film will probably raise eyebrows.

The film is being written by Andrew Birkin, and, thus far, no casting or release date news is available.  Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated as this develops.

What do you think of the Vernon God Little news—have you read the novel?  Who should play Vernon?

Source: Total Film

Photo credit: Matt Carr/ Getty Images