Plenty of fans are skeptical about whether or not The Evil Dead remake will be any good. Why would they be excited? It’s not directed by Sam Raimi and doesn’t star Bruce Campbell in any shape or form. But the original trilogy’s star thinks otherwise, and who can argue with him?

While at this year’s New York Comic-Con, the big chin himself (Campbell) spoke about producing the Evil Dead remake. He went through the usual interview jazz about being part of the process and sharing producing duties with co-worker and friend Raimi. They both have a genuine love for the series.

“This is for the fans,” Campbell said. “We’re not some random cigar-chomping producer looking for a horror movie to remake. This is our baby.”

Those may be soothing words for some, but others may find it outright strange. Does Campbell really feel this way or is it a business move due to his producer credit? It’s not like he can say the movie’s going to be downright awful.

But what if this film is worth seeing? We’ve been flooded with a number of horror remakes that have been anything but great (Fright NightA Nightmare on Elm Street). Maybe the new Evil Dead will break the mold? We’re not holding our breath though. For now. we’ll just kick back and re-watch The Evil Dead 2.

Do you think the Evil Dead remake will be worth watching? Why or why not?

Source: Slashfilm