In case you somehow missed it yesterday, between the trailer for the trailer or the new image of arch-villain Mandarin and the official poster, Marvel Studios dropped the full trailer for Iron Man 3 this morning and my oh my—this thing is dark.  And not like “this looks just as bad as Iron Man 2” dark—this one actually looks good.  Check it out below.

Rather than feature the same glib, charming, “hey, I’m Robert Downey Jr.” smarmathon that typically marks most modern Downey Jr. performances, Tony Stark in Iron Man 3 appears to a be a joyless, wounded man, haunted by the mega-battle that took place at the end of The Avengers (I’d be freaked by all that 3-D CGI, too).  And then an Iron Patriot shows up and roughs him up.  And then Pepper Potts appears to be kidnapped.  And then Mandarin shows up.  And then Mandarin blows up Tony’s house—with Tony and Pepper inside.  Dig it:

That’s a pretty decent teaser of footage, considering the film is still shooting and won’t even see a release until May 3, 2013.  Iron Man 3 is directed by Shane Black, who also wrote the film with Drew Pearce.  And, of course, the film will be in 3-D and there will probably be an AC/DC song in there somewhere.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Apple