Easily one of the more talked-about comic book movies in production happens to be The Wolverine (go figure). But today everyone’s attention is diverted from general interest about the production to whether or not the latest cameo happens to be true. There’s going to be a mighty lot of questions that’ll have to be answered if this rumor ends up being true, and not just from us.

The latest rumor to go buzzing around the Internet happens to revolve around none other than actress Famke Janssen. That’s right, word has it that she may be reprising her role as Jean Grey, the X-Men’s resident telepath who eventually gets taken over by the Phoenix Force, in a cameo role in The Wolverine. Now what exactly does that mean? How would she fit into the equation that is this spin-off prequel?

Well the movie is taking place prior to events of the X-Men trilogy so this would be a Jean Grey who may just simply be on vacation in Japan. Will Jean and Wolverine (played by Hugh Jackman) happen to have a chance encounter, foreshadowing their shaky relationship that follows in the future? Or maybe she’s already a part of Xavier’s X-Men and is doing something as simple as investigating a mutant Xavier picked up on Cerebro? We can guess all we want but none of us will know until the movie comes out. Either way, don’t expect Jean Grey to have a big role (or even speak for that matter).

This also opens up the possibility of other familiar X-mutants popping their head into the picture. Maybe Jean will have Scott Summer on her arm when she walks into a scene briefly and see the adamantium man for a moment. We’ll just have to wait and see when the movie comes out in 2013.

What do you think will happen?

Source: Slashfilm