Ben Whishaw as Q and Daniel Craig as James Bond Skyfall opens on November 9 in America (it’s hitting England this weekend), and for Americans it seems to be getting The Avengers treatment, which is an enormous amount of pre-release hype and pre-release clips from the film. The latest offers Daniel Craig‘s Bond talking with his new quatermaster, aka Q (Ben Whishaw), for the first time.

Introducing Q into the new Bond universe has seemed like a tricky bit of business. Desmond Llewelyn played the character starting with 1963′s From Russia with Love through to 1999′s The World is Not Enough (which set up the character to be replaced by John Cleese). But the Q character and Q-based gadgets were often seen as one of the lightest moments in a franchise that was often light to begin with. They established a running gag of his tech not working, or being based on puns (a boom box that’s also a rocket launcher is called a “Ghetto Blaster”) or simply absurd – like an invisible car. Here’s the clip:

The Craig-era James Bond has had gadgets, but none that were exceptionally goofy, and as modern technology has changed, it seems the most futuristic thing in the new Bond films are the computers in the movie, which look like next-generation Apple products. Which is to say, we’re excited but also a little nervous about the new Q. We’ll know for sure when the film hits theaters November 9, though we may have a review up this week for the film.

How excited are you for the new Bond?