As we reported last week, the Paranormal Activity franchise will be receiving a Latino-themed spin-off in early 2013 (though it will still be in English, because English-language viewers can’t be bothered with subtitles when watching someone’s door slam in the middle of the night); but, thanks to Paranormal Activity 4’s number 1 spot at the weekend box office, as well as its cliffhanger ending (go figure), there will indeed be a Paranormal Activity 5 in addition to Latino spin-off.

While this weekend’s number 1 opening was the weakest of any of the four films in the Paranormal Activity franchise (for some reason, audiences weren’t bowled over by a repeat of the first three films, but this time with an X-Box!), it wasn’t quite low enough to keep from Paramount from churning out at least two more films in 2013.

In the Spring, we’ll have the Latino spin-off (hinted at in Paranormal Activity 4’s coda) dealing heavily with Catholicism and witchcraft; in October of 2013, we’ll then have the direct sequel, Paranormal Activity 5, which will hopefully be the last of these things.  And, given the declining numbers of the series, it’s likely that 5 will be the final entry, and maybe we’ll learn the secrets of Katie, the coven/cult of old ladies, and why this Toby ghost is so big on slamming doors and stomping up and down stairs like my annoying neighbors.

What do you think—do you want two more Paranormal Activity films?

Source:  /Film