As the first follow-up film to the spectacularly successful The Avengers, Iron Man 3 is certainly one of the most anticipated films of 2013.  Not only that, but it’s a film charged with righting the Iron Man film franchise, which began well with the original and then went wildly off course with Iron Man 2.  The film will be in 3-D, and Marvel ditched Jon Favreau, director of the first two films, for Shane Black (Lethal Weapon/ Monster Squad writer and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang director).  And now, it has a teaser trailer.

Or, rather, it’s less a teaser trailer, and more a trailer for a trailer—one of the most annoying marketing trends of the past two years.  The teaser basically exists to let you know there will be a full Iron Man 3 trailer early Tuesday morning.  Isn’t that exciting?  Check it out:

So, pretty dramatic, huh?  Tony Stark appears to have a goofy haircut, then he shuns some paparazzi, and then Pepper Potts grits her teeth really hard, all of which seems to be conveying that this is going to be a dark entry in the Iron Man series.  Hey, as long as it doesn’t feature Mickey Rourke with some electric whips, we’re in.

What do you think of the teaser?

Source: /Film