After wetting our appetites with Elementary, we’re getting into the more cushiony episodes. These next few weeks will cement the show’s tone and degree of difficulty in solving its mysteries. We have to admit, we’re slightly concerned about how challenging they’ll be.

The Players:

Episode Title: “While You Were Sleeping”

Sherlock and Watson investigate child abductions and murders by a serial killer known as “The Balloon Man,” He’s been made infamous by his trademark balloons, which are left at the scene of his crimes. When a new victim is claimed it’s up to Sherlock to find the child before it’s too late.

The Good:

  • A More Flawed Sherlock: One of the characteristics of this Sherlock is how imperfect he is as a consulting detective. He doesn’t get it right all the time and therefore shows a more human, relatable side. This Holmes trips and falls over the weight of his own ego causing him to make mistakes. Sure, he corrects them later but everything doesn’t always fall into place.
  • Holmes and Watson’s Dynamic: Now we’re finally getting somewhere with Holmes and Watson working together. We’re on the third episode so you’d imagine more substance between the two and there is. There’s a particularly cute scene in which Watson gets Sherlock to participate with her in some exercises in order to stay up later. Though he’s been reluctant to take any of her advice, it was cool to see the inevitable partnership build.
  • Our Villain: To put it in a nutshell, Johnny Simmons plays one of our bad guys and he’s great at it. So far, out of the three criminals, we’ve enjoyed his the most. It’s partially due to his performance. Now when is Moriarty going to creep into the picture?

The So-So:

  • The Story: It was a little bit on the predictable side. It was still entertaining to watch but we hoped they’d challenge us further with the mystery of it all. Throw some more twists and turns in there next time. The general audience will like you more when they finally figure it all out.

The Bad:

  • Watson’s Dialogue: Poor Lucy Liu had to spit out some of the most bland dialogue that’s ever been said. It’s like they sometimes forget that Watson’s in a room. As a result, she’s made to spew some sympathetic hogwash about the victims. Stop giving us excuses to throw this Watson under the bus every week!


While “Child Predator” was in some ways a step forward, there were still a couple of errors that shoved it back to square one. We hope they take more risks with story lines in the future. We’re throwing the challenge flag at you Elementary.

Rating: 6/10


Do you think this episode was better than the previous ones? Why or why not?