Tonight would have been the season 4 premiere of Community, until NBC decided a couple days ago to hold the show, perhaps hoping to use it to replace a new show that could be cancelled shortly. That’s what happened with Animal Practice and Whitney, as Practice was cancelled and Whitney was brought in to its time slot. But wither Community? We have no idea when we’ll get more, but for now there’s a new clip that plays on the wait.

The cast decided to make a fun promo about their delay, which features all the regulars (Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Yvette Nicole Brown, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong and Oscar Winner Jim Rash), and they talk about how October 19 (when the show was supposed to come back, aka Today) is a place in your heart. Check it out:

Of course, it’s hard to say if Community will last long when it gets back. The removal of Dan Harmon as the show runner – along with the number of original staff writers who left with him – may mean we’ll get a modified version of the show that’s not half as good as what we’re used to. But the cast obviously loves their jobs, and they are one of the best ensembles in television history, so we’re hoping the new season is actually good. But we won’t know until NBC gives the show a date. Maybe in 2013?

Cool. Cool cool cool?