Despite the fact that it won’t be released until tomorrow, it has an abysmally low 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and the trailer was just awful, Alex Cross—yes, the serial killer film starring Tyler Perry as a cop pushed to the limit in his hunt for a madman (because that movie has never, ever been made before)—is already set to get a sequel.

That’s right, Tyler Perry is already negotiating a follow-up film, to be based on the second novel in James Patterson’s Alex Cross series, Double Cross (get it, you guys?  The hero’s last name is Cross, so calling the book Double Cross is a clever play on words!  Get it?)  As Total Film notes, it is unclear as to whether or not Perry is negotiating to simply star in the film, or if he will take over writing or directing duties as well.

In Alex Cross, Perry plays—you guessed it—detective Alex Cross, who must chase down an insanely goofy Matthew Fox, who makes the hunt personal by harming people in Cross’ life.  And then Cross will say he’s too old for this s***, he’ll be teamed up with a wacky new partner, his old partner will be killed one day before retirement, and Matthew Fox will seemingly have the upper hand on Cross, but will be defeated while taking the time out to explain his entire master plan to Cross instead of just killing him.  Sounds like a hoot.

Alex Cross opens in theaters tomorrow.

What do you think of the Alex Cross news?

Source: Total Film