UPDATE: Poltergeist remake writer David Lindsay-Abaire has taken to Twitter to announce that Sam Raimi will produce, but will not direct, the film.  Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Well, if Poltergeist is going to get a remake—which it shouldn’t—this is probably the best possible way to go about it: after getting a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright to pen the script, the Poltergeist remake now has director Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead series, the original Spider-Man trilogy) attached to helm the proceedings.

Raimi seemed to have left the horror genre behind him after 1992’s Army of Darkness (though 2000’s thriller The Gift came close), directing such films as A Simple Plan, the Spider-Man trilogy, and For the Love of the Game.  It wasn’t until 2009’s Drag Me To Hell that Raimi returned to his energetic and freakishly entertaining horror roots.  He then went on to produce The Possession, another horror film.

And now he seems ready to move simply producing the Poltergeist remake, to directing it as well.  Writer David Lindsay-Abaire, who is currently writing the remake, stated at a recent screening of his Rise of the Guardians that Raimi “is now attached” to direct the remake which, like the original film, concerns a family living in a house haunted by malevolent spirits.

And while a remake of a classic film like Poltergeist is always unnecessary, if it has to be done, a Pulitzer Prize winning screenwriter and the director of The Evil Dead isn’t exactly the worst way to go.

What do you think of the Poltergeist news?

Source: Coming Soon