Just when we thought we were out, they pull us back in.

Though the Twilight film franchise is seemingly winding to a close with Breaking Dawn Part 2, and taking with it the laughably bad CGI, clunky screenwriting, and blank, gape-mouthed and vapid performances with it, it looks like the series may continue after all.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is set to hit theaters next month, and in the vacuum of bad teenage vampire and werewolf films it will leave, a new spinoff may appear.  That’s right: forget the possible reboot that was discussed earlier this year.  According to Movie Hole (via Cinema Blend), we may be looking at a “TV show or film spinoff, merely set in the same world as the one in the movies, but not featuring the main trio.”

Moreover, the spinoff “is being seriously considered,” and apparently, the ‘Wolf Pack’ is “one area of interest.”

So, great—even more badly done werewolf CGI in our future?  Maybe in the guise of a (sigh) long-form television show that could possibly stay on the air for years?  They’re just not going to let us off the hook with this franchise, are they?  Well, at least Kristen Stewart won’t be in it.  There’s always a silver lining.

What do you think—will Twilight continue?