UPDATE: According to Cinema Blend, this has been “a well-executed hoax.”  No trailer for us anytime soon, unfortunately, so it’s bad to the waiting and ceaseless speculation about whether or not Khan is pictured above.

Because Paramount is dead set on driving Star Trek fans completely insane (remember when J.J. Abrams released a 3-frame clip of the new film, Star Trek Into Darkness, on Conan?), the film studio has launched an official Facebook page for the film, with a link to an exclusive trailer… which you can’t watch yet.

Here’s how it works: in order for the exclusive trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness to be seen, the Star Trek Into Darkness Facebook page has to earn 500,000 ‘likes.’  Once that happens, voila, new trailer for the film.  Here’s the catch—at the time of this writing, there are only 2,619 likes… so Paramount needs about half a million more ‘likes’ before they’ll let us see the thing.  Until then, we get this annoying image, which looks like a video player, but isn’t:

Aw, come on, that’s just mean.

So far, not much is known about Star Trek Into Darkness, except that it takes place some time after the first film, Benedict Cumberbatch will play the villain who may or may not be Khan, and that at some point, Spock walks around inside a volcano.  That’s all we’ve got—so if you have 500,000 friends, please send them over to the Star Trek Into Darkness Facebook page.

Do you want to see the trailer?

Source: Cinema Blend