There’s been a number of sequels that have been talked about from here to kingdom come yet never see the light of day. The Roger Rabbit sequel is one such story. Some fans have protested that the show must not go on if actor Bob Hoskins isn’t attached to the project, but director Robert Zemeckis thinks otherwise.

We’ve heard plenty of stories about the sequel at this point. There have been rumors swirling about Roger Rabbit in general being updated through Zemeckis’ infamous motion capture animation. Will Zemeckis dare to move forward despite losing his lead actor due to retirement? Sadly that’s what it sounds like.

Zemeckis recently revealed that the script for the Roger Rabbit sequel has already been written out and is awaiting further notice. What he means is it’s merely up to the big wigs at Disney to give the green light. Now if he’s willing to move forward with this sequel minus Bob Hoskins, the best conclusion we can think of is that he may not be in the story at all. This is a sequel after all and sometimes a lead character may be switched out. But one of the great thinks about Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is the sweet and funny relationship between Hoskins’ Eddie Valiant and the bouncy fool Roger Rabbit. We’d hate to see that dynamic disappear in the sequel.

At the same time you can argue that this supposed Roger Rabbit sequel may never see the light of day. It’s happened tons of times before in Hollywood, why would this one be any different? After all, Disney just went through a major regime change so this could easily be swept under the rug. For now we’ll just have to sit here and pray to the movie gods that the script sitting in Disney right now is nothing short of spectacular.

Would you like to see a Roger Rabbit sequel? Why or why not?

Source: Slashfilm