Sure, we’ve had a teaser trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel, but the film still feels like something of a mystery. So far in the teaser trailer, we’ve got a moody Superman/Clark Kent who seems to need to find himself, and no sense of what he’s going up against in the film (perhaps ennui). Now there’s toy spots that suggest he’ll do some flying and fight a robot army headed up by Zod.

And these spots seems to confirm what was the convention wisdom on the film’s new villain. There weren’t many other options when they cast Michael Shannon as the bad guy, he was either going to be playing Zod or (less likely) Bizarro. Or that is to say he never shaved his head, so Lex Luthor was out of the picture. And in Hollywood’s limited sense of vision, they’d want to go with the characters that had appeared in one of the movies before (and they weren’t going to go with Nuclear Man), but not the villain who was in the last film that didn’t do so well. Here are those TV spots:

Zod and robot armies sounds entertaining, and post-The Avengers a good fun superhero flick what people seem to want. The question is if Snyder and company went in to this trying to emulate the success of The Dark Knight, and the Christopher Nolan feel, which could work against them and the character. Superman is one of the most famous superheroes, but post-Superman Returns there’s no sense that this will be a sure fire hit when it hits theaters June 14, 2013.

Does Zod fighting with a robot army make Man of Steel sound exciting?