Gossip Girl continues its stale trend of disposable guest stars this sixth and final season. Just when we thought it had a chance, it churns out the same old drama. Last night’s episode “High Infidelity” was flooded with random people, old and new. Even Nelly Yuki, Blair’s high school nemesis showed up, and from the looks of it, she still has a thing for Dan.

The Players:

Episode Title: “High Infidelity”

Serena tries to prove herself in adult society by hosting the Central Park Conservancy’s big gala. But her big debut is jeopardized when she learns some shocking news about her beau and Nate’s new flame. Blair prepares to launch her new fashion line, but a rival from her past holds the key to her future. Meanwhile, Dan and Georgina try to land some meetings with big publishers. Chuck tries to persuade Amira (Andrea Gabriel) to help him look into his father’s past.

The Good:

  • Dan Couldn’t Care Less: Towards the end of the episode, Dan delivered a short monologue (sort of) that basically revealed he doesn’t actually care about anyone. What he realized was being the good guy doesn’t mean he’s going to get the girl. Obviously, he’s still upset over the whole Blair and Chuck thing, but the experience has been good for him. He doesn’t belong in the Upper East Side with schemers and liars. He never has. He’s a true intellectual who should be hanging around artists, filmmakers, writers, etc. We like his new cavalier attitude. We just hope it lasts.
  • Nate Watches Millionaire Matchmaker: And he’s not embarrassed of it! How perfect is this though? Nate, media mogul in-the-making, quotes Patti Stanger, and is completely shameless about it. Stanger would probably love to have him as a client. Do we smell a crossover? Oh pretty please!
  • Chuck’s Drama: It’s too soon to tell, but Bart’s fake death might be the second-biggest mystery we uncover by the end of the series (the first being GG’s identity of course). Young Bass might be onto something big, and we’re actually eager to find out.

Best Lines:

  • “I’m not mad. I’m maturing.” – Serena
  • “I still have night terrors about nairtinis and yogurt bombs.” – Nelly Yuki
  • “Did not having a formal invite ever stop Norman Mailer from showing up?” – Georgina
  • “I broke up with you because I thought you were sleeping with your father.” – Nate

The Bad:

  • Blair is Still Clueless: Blair’s biggest flaw is that she’s self-destructive. She always thinks someone is out to get her so she comes up with these outrageous schemes that always end up backfiring. When is she going to learn to let nature take its course?
  • Teenage Trouble aka The Twist – SPOILER!: Last night’s drama gave us a total headache. It turns out that (deep breath) Serena’s vitamin magnate boyfriend Steven is the father of Nate’s 17-year-old girlfriend Sage. Basically, Serena is dating an old guy and Nate is sleeping with a teenager. Yuck! We already know where this is headed, and it does not have a happy ending. Also, does anyone else notice how Serena is turning into her mother? She always swore she wouldn’t.


There’s a lot happening right now, maybe due to the fact that there are only eight episodes left. Each character has their own thing going on. Nate and Serena want to grow up, but they keep getting involved with people who are just wrong for them. We’re excited about Dan’s future and like his new perspective on life. Hopefully, it doesn’t wear off. And we’re rooting for Chuck to uncover his father’s dirty little secret.

Rating: 5.5/10

Gossip Girl airs Monday nights at 9 p.m on the CW.

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