Before you read on be warned that we’re going to talk heavy spoilers on the ending of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. All right then, you’ve got the message, now read on–The Dark Knight Rises co-writer (and brother to Christopher) Jonathan Nolan has recently spoken out about the hotly debated final minutes of the film… sort of.

We’re not sure about the rest of you, but when you watch the end to The Dark Knight Rises, you have a fairly good idea that everything transpiring on screen for the characters isn’t a dream. We don’t mean that it happened in real life, but that our favorite DC Comics characters get the ending that each of them deserve by the last frame (aka the Super Mega Happy Ending). Alfred finally checks out Bruce Wayne hanging out with Selena Kyle in Italy and Robin inherits the Bat Cave. It seems like a pretty sweet deal for our heroes down in Gotham, right?

Then again, maybe you were one of those skeptics who didn’t believe that each of the characters got their “happily ever after.” How could Bruce Wayne/Batman shot himself out of the Bat Jet in time in order to avoid being hit by that nuclear explosion? Could Selena really have known Batman was going to survive after she gives that dramatic goodbye kiss? Did they have a secret rendezvous already plotted out? How did Selena and Bruce know to show up at the exact café that Alfred was in? Perhaps Alfred finally snapped and merely imagined seeing the two when in actuality they’re nowhere to be found, which makes sense in a way.

A couple of months after The Dark Knight Rises was released, co-writer Jonathan Nolan was cornered and prodded about the some-what questionable ending. He makes a cute comparison to his brother’s early film Memento (no one involved in the film could agree about what the ending meant, as the film is meant to be left open for the viewer to interpret) and how he loves everyone’s different interpretations of The Dark Knight Rises’ final moments. While that answer is fairly vague, at least he tells us that Officer Blake’s (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) real name being “Robin” is actually Nolan’s wink to Batman fans. Hey, at least he wasn’t forced to wear tights and pretend to do acrobats (sorry girls).  So, in the end, what has Jonathan Nolan said?  Basically, the ending is up to the viewer (but at least no tights, right?).

What’s your own interpretation of The Dark Knight Rises ending?

Source: SlashFilm