Last night, Revenge kept up its streak of stellar episodes. “Confidence” introduced a slew of new problems to replace last week’s old ones. The momentum changed, but for the most part the quality didn’t. So where did it fall through the cracks?

The Players:

  • Director: J. Miller Tobin
  • Writers: Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harbert
  • Cast: Emily Van Camp, Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, Nick Wechsler, Henry Czerny, Josh Bowman, Christa B. Allen, Ashley Madekwe, Connor Paolo, Dilshad Vadsari, Barry Sloane, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Margarita Levieva, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Episode Title: “Confidence”

The Grayson family is thrust into the spotlight as Victoria reemerges. Meanwhile, Emily is haunted by her past.

The Good:

  • Power Play: In an effort to conceal Charlotte’s over sharing during an interview, Victoria revealed all. That’s to say, everything that would distract people from the real truth; her faked kidnapping. Calling a press conference to reveal that Charlotte is really David Clarke’s daughter was a stroke of genius. Victoria was able to force her entire family to publicly back her, even though they currently despise her. It might spell disaster for Victoria in the near future, but you have to respect her brilliance.
  • Pine Crest Hotel: So now you know, The White Haired Man’s name was Gordon Murphy.  Oh, and he was in love with Emily’s mother. After taking a motel key from Gordon’s pocket, Aiden discovers Emily’s mother working there. Emily finds a locket with her mom’s picture in Gordon’s pocket. After Nolan re-routes Gordon’s phone calls, Emily hears a message her mother left for her beloved. It’s safe to say Emily’s path will cross with her moms’ soon. But if Kara Clarke has been under the White Haired Man’s wing this whole time, there’s no telling how that will go.
  • Love Disconnect: Emily could have found her mother a week earlier, if only she and Aiden trusted each other. She has a good reason not to; four years ago they were in love and training with Takeda. When Aiden left her high and dry Takeda used the moment to teach Emily to harden her heart. We’ve seen the heartless Emily, just like we’ve seen her emotions get the best of her. Wonder which one will surface when she learns that Aiden’s omission has kept her from knowing her mother’s whereabouts? It’s possible he didn’t make the connection that the woman was Kara. It’s also possible he’s keeping Emily from the truth to stop her from getting distracted. Either way, he’ll have hell to pay!
  • Americon Initiative: Conrad’s brief conversation with an Initiative operative is all we needed. From that, we got Conrad and Victoria’s nuptials, along with the promise of more evil doers. Bring it on.

The So-So:

  • Manipulation: It feels odd to pity Amanda, but Emily’s cold manipulations made that possible. Emily killed two birds with one stone; Amanda was welcomed into the Grayson family and she broke up her and Jack’s relationship. We would all be partying, if it weren’t for that whiskey bottle. Jack discovers Amanda drinking milk next to it; we can’t be the only ones thinking she might have been drinking something else.
  • The Toys: One thing Daniel and Charlotte know how to do is be angry with their cold calculating mother. They know nothing of exacting revenge. Charlotte tried to reveal her parentage, but was upstaged by her mother’s press conference. Daniel’s best moment was when he was screaming at his family. Unfortunately, he has terrible history with following through on those emotions. Maybe with Emily’s guidance both of them could start being more than their parent’s playthings.

The Bad:

  • Stealing Harvard: In a mere week (or two depending on how Revenge is pacing itself these days) Declan has progressed from holding stolen goods to full on break-ins with his reckless cohort. Does anyone else think this is a little fast? Especially for the super moral and responsible Declan. Let’s just skip how incredibly asinine it is to take your drivers license to a burglary. Instead, ponder the shady individual that turned Declan in to his brother. The man’s refusal to press charges seemed nice, but the way he eyed Jack’s bar was completely sinister. When you couple that with his solemn promise to hold Jack to returning the favor, there’s a possibility that this plotline could pick up in the coming weeks.
  • NolCorp: How destitute and despondent are we without our beloved Nolan? Even though he’s not really leaving, everything about the episode screamed no more Nolan. As if moving out of Em’s house wasn’t hard enough, he was attacked by Aiden. Too add insult to injury, his schemes with Emily were few and far between. Easily one of the best moments of the episode was Nolan’s titillating phone call when Hannah. When you compare their chemistry with the dull interactions between him and Padme, you come up short. For some reason, they’ll continue to force this relationship.


This week’s episode of Revenge didn’t move at the breakneck pace of the previous two. Good thing that didn’t stop it from being entertaining. The worry of the week is what will become of Nolan. Although Aiden is there, that shouldn’t stop him from being Emily’s quip happy confidante. Everyone wants to see Nolan grow, but if he grows out of the Revenge loop, fans will become restless.

Rating: 7/10

Revenge airs Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. on ABC

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