We’ve known for years that Edgar Wright was interested in doing Ant-Man, but until today we had no idea when he’d get to it. Marvel showed Wright’s Ant-Man test footage at Comic-con this year, but there was no release date announced when Marvel listed their upcoming projects, and Wright is currently directing The World’s End, which just started shooting so he’s going to be busy for a while. On top of which he’s attached to an adaptation of The Night Stalker with Johnny Depp starring. So when will we get Ant-Man? Today we got the answer: November 6, 2015.

This means that Marvel is no longer playing footsies with the project, which they’ve been toying with since at least 2007. It’s worth noting that release date is after The Avengers 2 hits theaters, and as Ant-Man was once a member of that team, it’s unknown if he’ll make his first on-screen appearance in that sequel, or if they’ll hold the character for his own movie. Knowing Marvel, synergy is inevitable.  But where Ant-Man might be a minor Marvel character, the November 6 release date suggests that Marvel thinks they’ve got a big picture, as that usually a launching date for larger fall titles. Our guess is that he’ll be part of The Avengers sequel in a way that will launch his own picture, but that might ruin the possibility of an origin tale.

We were also told that Iron Man 3 will be in 3D. Whether it was shot that way or is being post-converted wasn’t made clear, but this suggests that the 3D came later. Thor: The Dark World will also be in 3D as well, which suggests that Ant-Man will also be 3D. And – as for Iron Man 3 – we’ve heard that the trailer is set to debut October 23, so we’ll have a good look at the film next week.

How familiar are you with Ant-Man?