Speaking of horror remake news, if there’s one horror franchise that the kids are just going wild and clamoring for is, of course, 1954’s Creature From the Black Lagoon.  After circling the drain of development hell for the past several years, it appears that Universal is once again pushing a remake of the film forward, because there’s nothing more terrifying than a walking fish that likes to kidnap attractive ladies.

This is a remake that’s been a long time gestating—a number of years ago, Universal began developing a Creature remake with director Breck Eisner (Sahara, The Crazies remake), who later dropped out.   Then came director Carl Rinsch, currently at the helm of Keanu Reeves47 Ronin.  Rinsch then fell out of favor with Universal, and the company has now moved on to writer Dave Kaiganich, who wrote the terrible The Invasion, as well as remake scripts for the upcoming Stephen King films Pet Semetary, It, and The Stand.

Rinsch is not set to direct, however, despite earlier reports to the contrary.  So far, no director has been announced, but what is known is that audiences haven’t exactly been begging for classic Universal movie monster remakes—The Wolfman, anyone?  That said, hey, who knows, maybe the story of a six foot tall fish with legs will strike a chord with audiences, right? (hey, quit giggling)

What do you think of the Creature news?

Source: First Showing