Remaking one of the most iconic horror films of the past 40 years or so is daunting enough—but when you add to that the fact that the film is Carrie, which was directed by one of the great New Hollywood auteurs (Brian De Palma) and based upon a novel by the bestselling horror author, well, ever (Stephen King),  it must be sheer terror (and not the good kind).  But it seems as if upcoming Carrie remake is tackling the classic iconography of the original film, as the teaser poster features the classic image of the titular character, bathed in blood.  It also completely rips of Thor’s ad campaign.

The poster, like the Thor poster campaign, features a stark close up of the Carrie, Chloe Moretz, with bold text printed over her face.  And, like the classic Carrie posters, VHS covers, DVD and Blu-Ray art, etc., Moretz is bathed in blood with a vague, empty expression on her face.

Moreover, the New York Comic-Con received some teaser footage from the film, and io9 (via /Film), has the breakdown:

An eagle-eye shot pans over a dark city. There’s a voiceover of a man muttering about destruction and saying, “I don’t want to say it as a conspiracy, but…” The camera pans over what can only be an old high school, the whole thing is in flames. The windows are bursting with flames, but the camera doesn’t stop there; it moves forward. Fireballs of debris litter the street, and a girl speaks in a different voiceover, “Her Mother was a fanatic. I don’t know how she lived with her.” The camera zooms to street level, showing more and more destruction—the town is in flames. Finally, it stops on a girl standing in front of a bonfire in the town center. It’s Carrie. She’s covered in blood and looks completely freaked out. The End.

Carrie co-stars Julianne Moore, Judy Greer and Portia Doubleday, and is set to open in theaters on March 15th.

What do you think of the poster?

Source: io9 (via /Film)