There was an exciting moment there on Saturday, when Sinister managed to be the number one picture for Friday, but when the weekend numbers were added up, that wasn’t enough to take the top spot or second place. Those were held by Taken 2 and by Argo. Regardless of the horse race aspects of who came out on top, it was a big weekend for movies considering it’s the middle of October.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 Taken 2 $22,500,000 (-54.6) $6,071 $86,759,000
2 Argo $20,120,000 $6,225 $20,120,000
3 Sinister $18,250,000 $7,222 $18,250,000
4 Hotel Transylvania $17,300,000 (-36.1) $5,126 $102,193,000
5 Here Comes the Boom $12,000,000
$3,981 $12,000,000
6 Pitch Perfect $9,336,000 (-37.1) $3,350 $36,085,000
7 Frankenweenie $7,014,000 (-38.5) $2,334 $22,035,000
8 Looper $6,300,000 (-48.0) $2,418 $51,442,000
9 Seven Psychopaths $4,275,000 $2,889 $4,275,000
10 The Perks of Being a Wallflower $2,166,000 (+38.3) $2,983 $6,151,000

Taken 2 should be over $100 Million next weekend, and considering that the second film is viewed as inferior to the first, these are great numbers. It should get into the $120 Million range, which is much less than the original’s $145 Million, but it’s already about to beat the worldwide total of the first film. Neeson has said he isn’t interested in making a third, but we’ll see how he feels when they pull up a Penske filled with fat cast to his estate.

Argo opened to $20 Million, and it’s doing great in terms of reviews and word of mouth. Likely they could have gotten a higher opening had they opened it against less competition, but that’s the luck of the draw. Now the picture needs to keep playing, because the longer it plays, the more chance it has at winning awards. If Paranormal Activity 4 wasn’t opening next weekend, there’s a chance this could have taken the top spot in week 2. It may have to settle for being second again.

Sinister outperformed expectations, and is already in profit. That said, a $40 Million all in cume seems likely for the movie, which should be enough for the studio to consider a sequel. Hotel Transylvania just crossed $100 Million and shows no signs of stopping until Halloween. It won the competition for the hit Halloween kids horror film in a landslide. Frankenweenie suffered because of this, and may make it to $30 Million, but that seems to be the limit.

Here Comes the Boom didn’t deliver, but Sony seemed actively embarrassed about the film. Pitch Perfect should cross $50 Million, which will make it a modest hit, and Looper should make it over $60 Million, and is likely a little hurt by the crowded marketplace, one that left Seven Psychopaths in ninth place this weekend.

Reality Check: I went a little high on the top two, and thought Boom would do a little better, and Sinister a lot worse. When I’m within a million or two wiggle room, I feel okay with that. This is not an exact science, nor science at all.

What did you watch this weekend?