Because we live in an era in which 39% of all entertainment multimedia must be in some way an adaptation of a comic book, the CW debuted its premiere episode of Arrow last night, it’s Smallville by way of Batman Begins-ish adaptation of the Green Arrow comic.   And in doing so, scored massively good ratings (which, for the CW, is some kind of miracle).  Curious as to what’s so special about Arrow?  Well, we have the full episode—watch it below.

As we’ve written before, Arrow is your pretty basic superhero origin premise (stop us if you’ve heard this one before): rich kid leaves America, suffers some tragedy and tough times which makes him so much more hardened and tough than he was before (this is indicated by the number of abs that develop), returns home to his city only to find it overrun with crime, and so decides to become a vigilante warrior dedicated to ending crime in his 21st century city… with a bow and some arrows.

And yes, while you have heard that before, Arrow still did very well last night, as The AV Club notes that CW beat out both ABC and NBC among women ages 18 to 34 with a four million Nielson household ratings coup—which is kind of a big deal since, you know, who watches the CW?  Apparently a lot of people do, now.  Check out Arrow here.

What did you think of the episode?