Despite the fact that a man’s family members can only be kidnapped or harmed before sequels run out of steam and he’s forced to blow up neighborhoods with a bazooka (sorry, I channeled Death Wish 3 for a second there), it appears that Taken 3 may be happening, thanks to Taken 2’s nice box office take last weekend.  Despite that fact that, you know, star Liam Neeson and director Olivier Megaton have both said a Taken 3 would be pointless.

Seeing as how Taken 2 has already made back its $45 million budget in half a week—and that’s just its domestic take—the film’s producer, Robert Mark Kamen, has said that Taken 2’s successful box office debut has already cleared the way for Taken 3.  While he did note that plans were not initially in place for a third Taken film, he stated that once the weekend’s numbers were in, “Oh, okay.  I think we should do a third one.  And Fox wants us to do a third one.”

But don’t worry, gang, they won’t simply rehash another family kidnapping plot for the sequel.  Rather, you can expect just another generic Liam Neeson action film, but they’ll call it Taken 3 just to take advantage of the built in audience.  “It’s going to go in another direction.  Should be interesting.”

This news comes on the heels of Taken 2 director Megaton stating that “I don’t think that it will go on for Taken 3, I don’t see the point.”

What could Taken 3 possibly be about?

Source: Cinema Blend