First Community, and now this? Louie, the great comedy by Louis C.K. won’t be returning next year, and will be on hiatus until 2014. Spring 2014, but still. There are good reasons for this delay at least.

Louis C.K. had a conference call today where he and the president of FX announced the delay. Basically, Louis wants to recharge his batteries and go someplace new, and also plot out a stronger season.

Louie is not a one person show, but much of the writing, acting, directing and editing is done by Louis himself, so it’s a heavy burden on the show’s main creative force, and though he’s been productive so far, now that he knows what the show is, it makes sense that he’d want to take a little time before the next one.

It also points out that some of the best episodes of the last couple seasons – from his date with a book store worker (played by Parker Posey), to his bid to take over David Letterman‘s chair at late night, to his tour of Iraq – all extended beyond a simple couple of anecdotal portraits of Louie’s daily life and journeys. Having Louis plot out an entire season could lead to something great. Through these three seasons we’ve seen Louis C.K. develop his craft of this TV show, and though Woody Allen comparisons were made by FX’s own promos for the third season, this could be artistic jump that takes Louie from Love and Death to Annie Hall.

Where would you like to see Louie go in the fourth season?