While Armie Hammer, who first came to mainstream attention by playing the Winklevoss twins (or Winklevii, if you like) in David Fincher’s The Social Network, is already set to play an American icon as the titular character in the upcoming The Lone Ranger, he was set to play another famous hero.  Before director George Miller (the Mad Max films) decided to film the Max sequel Fury Road, the Aussie auteur had been developing a Justice League film, with Hammer “tentatively” cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman, before the project tanked.  But now that a Justice League film is back on, it looks like Hammer is back in the mix.

Thanks to the massive success of The Avengers, Warner Bros. is scrambling to make a Justice League film that will at least feature Superman and Batman, and potentially the Flash, Wonder Woman, and the Green Lantern.  And Moviehole (via Cinema Blend) has it from “a very good source” that Armie Hammer is, quote, “back on WB’s radar” as the choice for Bruce Wayne and his broody alter-ego, Batman.

And, as Cinema Blend notes, while Hammer is definitely a stark contrast from Christian Bale, a definitive shake-up of the character is going to be required in order to get free of Christopher Nolan’s take on the character, as The Dark Knight trilogy is something that will likely be haunting the Justice League franchise.

So, what do you think—does Hammer have what it takes to step into Batman’s shoes (and cowl)?