Gossip Girl returned last night with a refreshing dose of humor, and an expected reunion. The Upper East Siders flew to their nests in Manhattan and went on a mission to find a missing Serena. “Gone Maybe Gone” was like every other Gossip Girl premiere, except with more laughs.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Gone Maybe Gone

Blair and Chuck make a deal to take down Bart Bass. Meanwhile, Dan returns from Italy and decides to write another book about the Upper East Side’s scandals with Georgina’s help. Nate is determined to take down Gossip Girl for good by trying to find her real identity. Also, the gang comes together to look for a missing-in-action Serena.

The Good:

  • Funny Dialogue: “Gone Maybe Gone” was written by Gossip Girl veterans Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. They wrote an episode with enough funny content to forgive the predictable plot. Blair is famous for her quick banter, but last night she was on fire and it was good. Georgina also kept up. Between her crazy cult theories about Serena and Blair’s witty repartee, the episode was topped with humor that made it enjoyable to see.

Best Lines:

  • “Blond, legs for days, effortless charisma that only someone far less secure than I am would find threatening.” – Blair
  • “And Serena was wearing a white dress! Either she’s the bride or she’s just really tacky.” – Blair
  • “I can buy anything. It’s one of the chief perks of being really rich.” – Bart
  • “Wisconsin? Seriously? Do you even know where that is on a map?” – Dan
  • “Thank God, I’m an atheist.” –Chuck

The So-So:

  • Steven: Serena’s new love interest is 7th Heaven‘s Barry Watson, a.k.a. Steven Spence. He didn’t get to say much, but that was probably because he was too busy processing the lies “Sabrina”(Serena) told him. He looks like a stand-up guy who might actually love her, but it’s too soon to tell. So far he’s dull and the chemistry between him and Serena isn’t there.
  • Careless Dan: Dan has always been the good guy, so it’s strange to see him be careless about the people he loves. At the same time, he’s been through so much heartbreak (with Blair and Serena) and disillusionment (with himself and family) that his actions (or non-actions) make sense. Still, we’re rooting for the good guy. We like him more.

The Bad:

  • Bart Bass: One of the most disappointing things to happen during the very disappointing fifth season was the resurrection of Bart Bass. There are zero reasons why this character needed to be brought back from the dead. It’s also upsetting to see Lily forgive him, and then remarry him. How can anyone ignore what he did? He made his only son believe his death and suffer for it. There’s no way he’ll ever redeem himself. He was best left gone and forgotten.
  • The Apology: Once again Blair reminded Serena of the meaning of BFF’s. She apologized for kicking her out of their apartment, and begged her to come back to the city and be her friend again. “Maybe it’s time to admit that we’re stuck with each other,” B told S, who replied, “I don’t want to be stuck with you. I want a fresh start.” Ouch! We sort-of like where Serena’s new attitude is headed. The two might finally cut the cord that keeps them from growing. But this apology was superfluous. How many more of these must we endure? Blair has been saying “I’m sorry” since day one. 
  • Ivy’s Back: Just in case you missed it, Ivy came back at the end of last season. She’s living at Rufus’ loft in Brooklyn and still wearing Serena’s hand-me-downs. We’ll admit that Ivy grew on us. She was noble and sweet, despite being an imposter. But seeing her hook up with Rufus was as disgusting as seeing someone puke on a pile of dog poop. Sorry, there’s just no other way to describe that revolting scene.


Last night was the premiere of the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl. It had more of the same – reunions, party crashing, friend-finding missions and “unexpected” twists. But it also had a good amount of humor that relieved it from it’s typical plot.

Rating: 7.5/10

Gossip Girl airs Monday nights at 9 p.m on the CW.

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