Ben Affleck has been busy directing and starring in the much-buzzed about Argo, a movie about the making a movie. There’s more to it, of course, and thus far, the reviews have been great. But Argo is opening this week, which means Affleck will be free to take on another project. Currently, he’s looking to star in a romantic dramedy from Crazy, Stupid, Love directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.

Focus follows a veteran conman who gets romantically involved with a rookie grifter, Things get complicated for the couple since they both lie, cheat and steal in their line of work. When they decide to go their separate ways, their romantic past comes back to haunt them and things get interesting.

This sounds a bit like the plot of Mr. And Mrs. Smith and Killers. Both of those movies were a big disappointment, but Ficarra and Requa did a fantastic job with Crazy, Stupid, Love, so we’re willing to overlook the off-putting synopsis… for now.

The filmmakers originally set out to reunite their Crazy, Stupid, Love stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, but their schedules didn’t allow them to sign on.

It’s being reported that Affleck’s involvement totally depends on the female lead. He’s a good catch so it’s only right that he be picky about his co-star, no?

Who do you think should star alongside him in Focus? Any good ideas?

SOURCE: First Showing