In an effort to fill the vacuum between now and 2015, when The Avengers 2 will inevitably roll around, is to try and discern what other Marvel characters will be added to the sequel’s roster (if any).  So far, it has been confirmed that Marvel Universe big bad Thanos will make an appearance of some sort, and rumors have developed that Vin Diesel may show up as the solar powered android named Vision.  Now, a new rumor has leaked, concerning a possible appearance by Ms. Marvel and the British actress who may play her.

As you may or may not know—and if you don’t, Coming Soon was kind enough to summarize—Ms. Marvel is a Marvel character who made her graphic novel debut in 1968, “when she was injured by an explosion of a Kree device.  Her DNA melded with that of Captain Marvel, giving her superpowers.”

While there is no official confirmation from Joss Whedon or the Marvel camp about Ms. Marvel’s inclusion, it would make sense, given Whedon’s aesthetic and forward-thinking style, to include more powerful female characters in the Avengers’ roster.

The rumor began with the U.K.’s The Daily Mail, who noted that “British actresses Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson are head-to-head in a race for the most sought-after new female role in Hollywood,” as both are “hotly tipped” to portray Ms. Marvel in The Avengers 2.

Again, this has yet to be confirmed by Marvel, and thus remains only baseless speculation, but hey—that’s exactly why Al Gore invented the internet: to ceaselessly speculate about comic book casting news.

What do you think of The Avengers 2 news?

Source: Coming Soon