When Dan Harmon, creator of Community, was essentially fired off his own show at the beginning of summer, there was a sense that Community was dead to the world, even if had been renewed for a fourth season. It was like a chicken with its head cut off – still moving forward, but pointlessly. Now there’s some good news about the upcoming Harmon-less season: Brie Larson‘s going to guest star.

This comes from TV Line, though we first read it on Alison Brie‘s Twitter feed where she commented “So Much Brie!” Though this isn’t a David Keith/Keith David situation, there was a time where we found it hard to keep the two straight, and had called one or both Alison Brie Larson. Surely the show will play on the two Bries working together. The easy way to tell them apart: Alison Brie is the one on two of our favorite TV shows (also: Mad Men), and Larson is one of our favorite interviews.

There are new show runners on Community who are not Dan Harmon, and so it’s hard not to think of this season as “unofficial” or similar to the first season of Saturday Night Live with new cast members. Then again, backstage politics are often inside baseball, and it’s quite possible that the new team (with some returning writers) will do a good to great job as the characters have become clearly defined. And with DVR being what it is, even a Friday night time slot shouldn’t keep fans from at least peaking back in. Community returns next Friday October 19, and we’ll watch the first episode… and the Brie Larson one for sure. After that…

Did Dan Harmon getting fired change how you felt about Community?