Tim Burton revisits the past this weekend with his new film Frankenweenie. He developed the story from his 1984 short film of the same name, and turned into a black-and-white, 3D stop-action extravaganza for Disney. The studio doesn’t have very many stop-action animated features debuting these days, so you can understand their excitement. They recently opened the Frankenweenie Art Exhibit at Disney’s California Adventure in Anaheim, and we got the chance to go inside. Check out photos of the Exhibit below.

Last month, we got the chance to check out the Frankenweenie Art Exhibit at Disney’s California Adventure. The show featured all of the puppets and movie sets seen in the movie. There were also sketches of Mr. Burton’s earlier work from when he was making the short film back in ’84.

The Exhibition first premiered in Barcelona, Spain in June. It has traveled to other places, and by the end of its run it would have visited several other countries, including France, England, Japan, Mexico and Canada.

The show is a nice way to see the artistic detail and hard work that is put into something as complicated as this. Making a stop-motion movie is no easy feat, and one can see that with every article of clothing and tiny pieces of furniture. There’s even tiny vinyl records and a phonograph. If by any chance you find yourself at DCA, go see the show. It’s interesting to see how stop-motion animation works since it’s so rare.

Frankenweenie is out now.

Check out the Exhibition’s photos below:

Photos by: Laura Aguirre

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