For months now, we’ve agonized over the ludicrously titled Star Trek reboot sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness—will Khan be in it?  Will Captain Kirk be as much of an overacted cartoon character as he was in the first film?  Will there be another villain motivated by another ridiculous reason for revenge coupled with massive plot holes?  None of that is for certain.  What is for certain, however, is that director J.J. Abrams has finally allowed a first look at the film, by bringing a clip from the new film to his Conan appearance on Thursday night.  But first, there’s some good news, and some bad news…

Ok, first, the good news:  the clip is of Spock walking around inside an active volcano, which is just insanely cool, right?  And it’s the kind of thing you’d have hoped to see on the original Star Trek, if it had ever had a budget higher than $14 bucks.  So that’s awesome.

Now, the bad news.  Well, it seems like Abrams was being a bit of a smartass, as, according to him, Paramount would only allow him to show a clip if it was very, very short.  So he brought a clip that was three frames long.

Yes, three frames long.  Not even quite one second.  But hey, you do see Spock in a volcano, and that’s really something, right?  Sigh.

Star Trek Into Darkness is set for a May 17 release.

What do you think is happening in the clip?

Source: /Film