One of the highlights—or biggest eyeroll moments, depending on how you feel about Bond films—of the Skyfall trailer takes places when the back of a train is ripped off and James Bond leaps inside, lands, and coolly adjusts his cufflinks because, well, he’s James Bond and this is all in a day’s work and, besides, it’s his job to look cool.  Well, today, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the release of the first Bond film (Dr. No made its debut in 1962), we’ve got the first official clip from Skyfall, in which Bond rips the back off of said train with a backhoe and does his big leap inside.

First off, notice how ridiculous this is (in a good way): the backhoe is sitting upon three crushed vehicles, which are sandwiched on top of a moving train car.  Bond then uses the backhoe’s arm to act as a bridge to a train further ahead on the tracks, runs up the arm and then leaps inside just before the arm rips off the rear of the train.  Then, a quick adjustment of the suit and it’s business as usual.  Check it out:

Pretty cool, no?  You can see the rest when Skyfall makes its debut November 9th.

What did you think of the clip?

Source: EW