Not Fade Away is a film about a garage band in the 1960′s, the culture clashes they face, and the rocky road of drugs and semi-fame. It has the texture of the autobiographical, which can be something of a turn off. But that it comes from David Chase, the creator of The Sopranos, makes it a must see.

And perhaps he’s got something here, as the film is slated to be released December 21, which makes it an Oscar qualifying run. The cast are mostly unknowns, though James Gandolfini appears as the main character’s father, and Bella Heathcote (recently in Dark Shadows) plays the love interest in this story of a 1964 garage band who want to be like The Rolling Stones. That the trailer kicks off with Stones points out that they’ve been used a lot in films, especially by Martin Scorsese, but more recently their “Gimme Shelter” is featured in all of the Flight ads. Here’s the trailer:

There are a lot of ways a former TV guy can go on the big screen, but it’s easy to break down into two types. One is the Mimi Leder way. Leder came off of directing some hot episodes of TV, and ended up making mostly forgettable films. The other way is the James L. Brooks path. Brooks won an academy award for his first feature film after creating and working on some of the most important shows of the 1970′s and 80′s. Hopefully David Chase is more of the latter.

Is David Chase and The Sopranos enough to get you interested in this film?