Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are creating quite a lot of buzz with their upcoming movie Silver Linings Playbook. Peter Travers even said that he predicts Lawrence will win the Oscar for her performance. The movie looks like a quirky love story between two dysfunctional characters, and the new trailer explores their personalities a bit more. Also, Adele debuted her Skyfall theme song, and you have a chance to listen to it below. We also have a neat GIF showing the evolution of Looper star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You’ll be surprised to see what he’ll look like in 2072. All that and a lot more below–check it out!

  • Lena Dunham Promises Diversity On Girls: Part of the criticism that followed Lena Dunham‘s Girls was the lack of diverse cast members. Most of them just happened to be white. Dunham made note of “the backlash” and almost immediately cast Community‘s Donald Glover to guest star. But Glover was just the beginning. At this week’s Fortune magazine’s annual Most Powerful Women Summit, Dunham said that there will be “a multitude of new characters” when the show returns in January. She said, “There are some of color. Some are not. Some are Caucasian.” She also said that she was heartbroken at the idea that her show would make anyone feel left-out. This is her attempt to better her show. She’s trying y’all! Give her some credit. Source: Rolling Stone
  • Ninja Turtle Poster Series: Artist NC Winters crafted a fantastic series of Ninja Turtle posters. You can check some of them out at Unreality Magazine, and if you like them enough, you can even purchase them. Go check that out.
  • Christian Bale Returns To David O. Russell Movie: After Silver Linings Playbook, David O. Russell is directing a movie starring Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams. The project was once-titled American Bullshit, and had Christian Bale in the lead. Bale dropped out and was replaced by Jeremy Renner. Now Vulture is reporting that Bale is back in. He’ll be playing an infamous con artist, and Adams will be his lover. Cooper will play the federal agent that works with the couple to take down dirty politicians and gangsters. So yeah, it will be a Fighter reunion after all, sort of. 
  • A Liz Lemon Soundboard: Listen up you Liz Lemon fans, ’cause this one is for you (us!). Complex created an interactive soundboard for 30 Rock‘s Liz Lemon. It’s got some of the most ridiculous and hilarious lines. Click here to launch the Liz Lemon Soundboard.
  • Cinely – A New Website For Filmmakers: USC film school alumni David Litwin started a new website called Cinely, a private online community for qualified filmmakers to create and collaborate on productions. The main goal of the website is to organize the filmmaking production community and create opportunities. Cinely is a website that connects filmmakers and makes it easier for them to collaborate. There’s no charge to join, but it is invitation based. Go to the Cinely website to watch a simple video detailing how the website works and how you can join.


  • The Evolution Of Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Here’s a GIF representing the evolution of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s pretty self-explanatory if you’ve seen Looper. Thanks to Unreality Magazine for the heads up.

  • Arrested Development Reunion Photo: For EW‘s Reunions Issue, they decided to put the cast of Arrested Development on the cover. We, of course, couldn’t have asked for anything more. Check it out:


  • New Silver Linings Playbook Trailer: The new trailer for O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook digs a bit deeper into Cooper’s character. We find out that Pat’s (Cooper) wife cheated on him and that he was in the looney bin. We also get some ranting, fist fights and more awkward conversations between Pat and Tiffany (Lawrence). The movie hits theaters November 21st. Check out the new trailer:

  • Adele’s Skyfall Theme Song: Adele’s James Bond theme song hit the web yesterday, and we’ve got the whole tune. Prepare to be amazed:

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